Mintron   Head-quarter in Taipei

Mintron is the world leading  CCD Camera, Digital video recorder and video distribution equipment manufacturer in Taiwan since 1979.

All production activity are certified  by  ISO-9001  since  1997 & ISO-14001  since  1998.

Most of our products have CE, UL/CSA, FCC approval respectively. 

Major products containing Color and B/W CCD Camera by using Mintron's proprietary Hard-wired DSP  (Digital signal processor) and image sensor from SONY, Panasonic ,SHARP, Samsung.
We are able to design and manufacture the  most advanced Alpha series camera that leading the world.

Application including CCTV system, Office/home Surveillance, industrial control , Medical equipment. Aerodynamic, Satellite. Digital video recorder, PDA , Notebook , Video Conference, PC, USB camera, LAN camera, MODEM camera Internet IP camera ... etc.
Housing style including Long, Short, Mini, Dome and Board type, and garden variety of spy camera in very small size such as 22X23mm or 11.5X50 mm.

Lens can be used including C/CS Mount,12 mm Board Lens, 9 mm mini lens 12X,16X,22X Zoom lens and other special lens.... etc.
On video processing and recording we have DVR  (Digital video recorder ) 16 Channel Multiplexer   CRT Monitor, LCD monitor, Video Amplifier, Bracket, IR Detector, Timer, Pan Tilt Unit, Quad, Outdoor Housing, Switcher, Distributor, infrared illuminator and Capture card. 

Product mainly export to Europe, America, Japan, Mainland China, Taiwan and  46 principal countries.
We offer one stop shopping Service for all our product line. Satisfactory guarantee. 

With one stop shopping you will have the best Quality and effectively after-sale serve from our oversea Authorized-Station Located worldwide.


Mars Yang-Chairman

Across 81 year of my life I always  want to 


Treat employee as beloved families.

Treat customers as dear brothers.

Treat suppliers as old friends.


Management strategy

Micky Yang-President

Servicing in Mintron for 21 years I sincerely believe  to pursue after




Beauty of nature

Happiness while everything is normal

Mintron baseball team 


The award winner

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 While matching with all TV star team and their family

Advanced Manufacturing equipment 

Optical PCB inspector                                                     In circuit tester 

SMT   (Surface mount technology equipment)                Advanced solder paste printer 


Robot  for   Soldering                                                      Auto insertion machine

敏通公司為專業監視用攝影機製造廠 歷史 21年  "Mintron Enterprise Corporation is a manufacturer of professional security products, in business since 1979.  Our product line includes CCD surveillance cameras; wide dynamic range cameras; super smear-rejection cameras; DVR's (digital video recorders); 12 volt taxi/mobile security cameras (256Mb SDRAM for M-JPEG image recording); SVGA (800X600X75 Hz.) cameras for PC's; 16 CH video multiplexers; and many CCTV accessories that are widely used in home and office security, and scientific and industrial applications."              

Chronograph for  last 21 years

  Design and foundry of  2nd and 3rd Gen. DSP  with 20 MIPS processing power
  Announcing W series Wide dynamic /Super smear rejection camera  
  complete 18 models of K  series camera with 2X digital zoom / 48 zone BLC.....
  First  SVGA  800X600  75 Hz  camera in the world
  First Digital recording TAXI camera for  in the world  with 4 minutes digital recorder

Successfully design and foundry of first proprietary DSP M86  for Alpha family camera
Announce Alpha family camera series With 60/52db S/N, zero color rolling......

WU-KU new factory  in-argument

ISO-14001 Certified

Intranet Setup
ISO-9001 Certified

Internet Setup

ISO-9002 Certified
First DSP Color CCD Camera in Taiwan

Beijing Research Center Setup

U.S.A Branch Setup
Mintron Technology Journal Published in China

First High Resolution CCD Camera in Taiwan (450K Pixel)
Setup Mintron Baseball Team

China Branch (Shenzhen) Setup

Mintron Technology Journal Published in Taiwan

First Color CCD Camera in Taiwan

First B/W CCD Camera in Taiwan

Design and manufacture first CNC Controller in Taiwan
Design and manufacture first Servo-motor Controller

Design and manufacture first Stepping Motor Controller

Complete Design of Micro-Controller for Air - condition Machine
Successfully developed Ultra-Sonic Anti - Collision system

Mintron Enterprise Co., Ltd. founded